3rd Year Anniversary


Happy sixteen of January for the third time, my dear.

Until now, I have given my all that I could not even think of anything else. We have passed so many days and nights walking side by side. Sometimes with an argument, with a laughter, with tears, but mostly with smiles plastered on both our faces. You are truly a gift sent by God to accompany my boring life. It is like you are the spice to my kimchi. If I do not have you, then I am incomplete. Each passing month as we exchange presents for our monthsary, I run out of ideas. Even now, I still do not know of anything that I think is worthy enough to be given on our very special third year of being together. I have always been wanting to try something. Something that you need to be able to go through the day. This year is going to be really rough for you (maybe for me too, but who knows?), therefore I want to give out something that you can use to brighten your day, to lift up your spirit.

Open when you are stressedYOU NEED TO OPEN THIS WHENOpen when you are stressed (3)Open when you are stressed (2)Feeling bored_ Open this!

Feeling bored? Ask me the present for it! It is private for you and me only.

Anyway, happy third anniversary, my love!


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